Rogan Josh is one of the better known Indian classics, and this fiery mutton dish from the Kashmir region of India is now popular all over the world. Every Indian restaurant across the world will have its own version of the popular Roghan Josh.

Preparation time: 30 minutes
Cooking time: 1 hour 30 mins
To serve: 4 persons.

1 kg. Mutton leg
150 gms. Curd
175 gms Ghee
18 gms. Ginger scraped and ground
A piece of Asafoetida the size of a Pepper corn diluted in water
4 Black cardamoms powdered
12 gms. Salt 
9 gms Red chillies powdered
10 Cardamoms powdered
20 Cloves powdered
12 gms Coriander seeds
5 2” Cinnamon sticks powdered
20 Pepper corns powdered
A pinch of Saffron


Wash the meat, clean it with a piece of cloth, chop into generous size chunks.

Heat the ghee, add asafoetida and meat. Cover and cook till meat juices dry up. Add curd and ginger and stir. Bhunao thrice.

Add salt, red chillies and coriander seeds and bhunao till well browned. Add just sufficient water that it almost dries up when meat is tender.

When meat is tender and very limited water remains, add all the remaining ingredients. Put on dum till water dries up completely and only ghee remains.

Serve with fresh crispy naan or fragrant basmati rice. Bon Appetite!