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  • When I started as home chef way back in 2006, I introduced a kilo menu for house parties in Kathmandu. I started with biryanis and now offer complete range of over 67 items that include kebabs, tikkas, curries and biryanis. Now entertaining at home is easy, economical and convenient. Just pick and choose from my exclusive recipes for House party and if you seek any assistance, call me on 9803299610 and I will personally assist you. Bon Appetite!
    To view / download House Party Kilo Menu click the link


  • Kabsa originated from Yemen and now can be all across the Middle East. A traditional dish, Kabsa is part of all celebrations and best enjoyed with family and friends.

    At TKK, Kabsa is served on single big thaal. At the base is a bed of creamy chicken pulao with a tender, succulent, slow-cooked Raan in the center generously topped with tender kebabs and tikkas of six different kinds and served with sinfully rich red curry. We serve Kabsa for groups starting from minimum 6 people. Rs. 1200++ per person. To book your Kabsa call 9801121212. A day’s notice is required.


  • Food is an integral part of a Bohra family. Apart from the distinctive cooking style, there is a traditional way the food is served. The entire Bohra family dines out of one big metal platter called “Thaal” as they believe that a family that eats together stays together. Come enjoy a traditional ten-course meal that includes a large array of unique recipes you will never experience in anything other than a Bohra thaal.

    We serve Bohra Thaal for groups starting from minimum 8 people. A day’s notice is required. NRs. 1400++ per person.

    To book call 9801121212, a day’s notice is required. [More…]

  • For a match made in heaven call us for food that is divine. for more details call Tasneem on 9803299610.


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