Nihari Mutton – From the Royal Kitchens of Awadh

Nihari (Urdu: نهاری‎) is a stew consisting of slow-cooked meat mainly mutton along with bone marrow. The word Nihar originated from the Arabic word "Nahar" which means "day" as it was typically served after sunrise Fajr prayers. According to

So what’s a Korma?

Indian food, especially Mughlai is popular across the world. But even though Mughlai cuisine is widely enjoyed, is it really understood? The cooking techniques such as “dum” and the culinary terms such as Korma, Bhunao, Bharta, Baghar, Bukhara,

Korma Shahjehani – Recipes from the royal kitchens of India

Contrary to many recipes which emphasize modernizing the Indian cuisine or describe shortcuts in meal preparation, I prefer sumptuous delicacies of Indian royalty preprared in traditional, culinary dum-pukht style The Persian School of cooking has
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