Contrary to many recipes which emphasize modernizing the Indian cuisine or describe shortcuts in meal preparation, I prefer sumptuous delicacies of Indian royalty preprared in traditional, culinary dum-pukht style
The Persian School of cooking has had greatest impact on Indian cooking. The Maharajas invariably were connoisseurs of good food. Fine kitchens were maintained and best cooks were sought, sometimes there was a cook for each recipe! Among the royalty, it was a status symbol as to whose table provided the most unusual and luxurious fare. The cooks kept their recipes jealously guarded secrets and the precious formulas often from father to son.
In my recipes from royal kitchens of India, I have chosen a few of the most sought after delicacies that include: Korma Shahjehani, Kofta Saleem, Chui Mui Ke Kofte (Kofta Catch Me Not), Murg Mussallam Sailana, Machchi ka Soola, Mewe ki Biryani, Khichdi Shirazi, Alu la-Javab, Hare Chane ke Kebab, Lahasun ki Kheer, Gajar Halwa Ala Kism, and many more.
Hope you enjoy them as much as I did putting them together. Bon Appetite.


Korma Shahjehani

One taste of this excellent recipe tells us what a connoisseur of food Shahjehan must have been!

Preparation time: 2 hours (marination) • Cooking time: 2 hours • To serve: 4 – 6 persons.



1 kg. Mutton pieces from leg or shoulder

12 gms. Salt

3 gms. Red chillies powdered

3 gms. Kachri ground with water

6 gms. Ginger scraped and ground

6 gms. Almonds blanched and ground with water

6 gms. Pistachios round with water

6 gms. Poppy seeds ground with water

12 gms. Dry figs ground with water

6 gms. Coconut grated and ground with water 6 gms. Parched grams powdered

6 gms. Garam masala powdered

3 gms. Nutmeg powdered 4 gms. Cardamoms powdered

A good pinch of Saffron diluted in warm water

120 gms. Curd

120 gms. Ghee

60 gms Onions thinly and evenly sliced.


  • Mix thoroughly all the ingredients, except ghee and onions, into the meat and marinade for two-three hours.
  • Heat the ghee and fry sliced onions to a golden brown. Add the marinated meat and stir. No water to be added. Close the pan with tight lid and seal the edges of the lid with wheat flour paste. On a very low heat cook for hour and a half.
  • Open the lid and, if meat is tender and still some liquid remains, put on hot ashes and place live charcoals on top of the lid, and simmer till liquid dries up and only ghee remains, same as putting on dum (slow cooking).