I have been cooking biryanis the traditional dum-pukht way since 2006. While the art of sealed cooking is timeless and traceable across the world, the very particular style and tradition surrounding dum cuisine in India can be traced to the royal kitchens of Awadh from where it spread to other regions across India, including the courts of Kashmir, Rampur and Kolkata, among others.

The pivotal principle at the heart of dum cuisine involves dum and pukht. Dum which means to breathe, and pukht, which mean to cook. Therefore Dum-Pukht. The stress is laid on slow cooking so that the natural flavours of the food are retained, while infusing the flavours of spices in the dish subtly yet thoroughly.

Each dum-pukht biryani-by-the-kilo takes around 3-4 hours to cook and serves 9-10 people. To learn more about authentic dum-pukht process at Tasneem’s Kings Kitchen, do watch this video.



Since 2006, I have been catering for house parties and was the first to introduce the concept of Biryani by the kilo in Kathmandu, Nepal. The celebrated food critic and columnist the late Mr. Dubby Bhagat even wrote about my biryani-by-the-kilo in his article Take Away Tasneem in The Himalayan Times February 16, 2006 edition. https://thehimalayantimes.com/entertainment/take-away-tasneem/

You can order Biryanis-by-the-kilo and much more. For complete HOUSE PARTY menu click the House Party Kilo menu tab in the main menu.

Tasneem’s Kings Kitchen, Jhamsikhel Road, Next to Pulchowk Damkal (Fire Brigade), Lalitpur, Nepal. Call 9801121212 to book your biryani by the kilo. Minimum 6 hours’ notice is appreciated.