From Mughlai to Chinese, feast all night long.

The holy month of Ramadan is already here and Muslims around the world will spend their daylight hours observing complete fast. This ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar is not just about abstain from food and drink but also to fight back and flush out the evil actions, thoughts and deeds from our life that can help us to purify our souls. However, when the sun sets and after the evening prayers are offered it is time for people to break the fast with some delicious food recipes.

Mumbai has always remained one of the cosmopolitan cities in India and during Ramadan you will find many places here decorated with lights and offering some of the mouth-watering and lip-smacking food and drinks that can tempt your hungry stomach. Here we take a quick look at the top 3 food destinations in Mumbai that offer the best food experience during the month of Ramadan.

Mohammed Ali Road

Suleman Mithaiwala, Mohammed Ali Road, Mumbai.

During the month of Ramadan, Mohammed Ali Road transforms into a huge sea of shops and stalls that offer wide range of food items that suits every budget. If you are somewhere in South Mumbai and desperately hungry for some great Islamic cuisine then Mohammed Ali Road is your top destination in Mumbai during Ramadan. You can find some great food near the Minara Masjid that pulls huge crowd. You can find tons of food items like chicken tikkas, shawarmas, and tandoori chicken here. If you have a sweet tooth, enjoy some Sitaphal Halwa and Phirni at Suleiman Usman Mithaiwala near Minara Masjid or go for Imaam Sharbat that offer milk based sharbats.

Bohri Mohalla

Bhendi Bazaar comes to life during the evenings of Ramadan month and it is here that you can find some great food stalls that can fill you up with some delicious cuisine. If you are here in Bohri Mohalla look out for India Hotel that offers amazing tawa gurda (chopped kidney sautéed with masala) and Pakistani style chicken roll. Haji Tikkas should be your next destination for some khiri kebabs, kofta kebabs and Delhi Pulao which is made in huge handis that you can see while you eat your meal.

Valibhai Payawala, Bohri Mohalla, Mumbai

If you enjoy paya, head straight to Valibhai Payawalla to enjoy the slow cooked paya with some daal mixed in it.  You can also enjoy some great meals at the Shalimar or Noor Mohammadi which is one of the oldest restaurants here at Mohammed Ali Road. A better way to end this culinary journey is to enjoy Taj Ice Cream that offer fresh fruit ice creams and have been serving the people for more than 120 years now.

Nagdevi Street

While Mohammed Ali Road and Bohri Mohalla are packed with foodies and Muslim people who want to break their fast, Nagdevi Street is comparatively less crowded and offer better food stop for people who want to enjoy their meals without cacophony of people and utensils.

Nagdevi Street, Mumbai

When you are here look out for Bara Handi that can offer you with the best food that you can get here. If you like haleem you will find it here so look out for stalls that serve payas and haleems. When you are done with food, head straight to Badri Sweet Mart that offers the best Malpuas that can beat the competition for sure.

While you are in Lalitpur or Kathmandu, Nepal you can enjoy authentic Mumbai Mughlai cuisine which is 100% Halal at Tasneem’s King Kitchen, Jhamsikhel Road, next to Pulchowk Damkal, Lalitpur, Nepal. For table reservations and takeaway call 9801121212.