You’re a biryani lover but want to keep a tab on your calorie intake at the same time? For the first time in Nepal, Tasneem’s Kings Kitchen introduces Brown rice Dum Biryani, perfect for calorie conscious connoisseurs like you.

Biryani is one of the most interesting Indian recipes, and Brown Rice Dum Biryani is a healthy biryani option that you can eat at several occasions without any guilt.

This slowly cooked non-vegetarian dum biryani is quite rich in protein and fibre. Though the brown rice dum biryanis take a little longer time in its preparation, they are worth the effort as they are equally delicious and healthy at the same time. Served by pre-order at the restaurant or if you’re planning to host a get-together at home, then go for this healthy brown rice biryani by the kilo which comes along along with dahi raita. Your guests will love it and will be a hit in your house party.

Now also enjoy brown rice dum biryanis exclusively at Tasneem’s Kings Kitchen.

To pre-order TKK’s Brown Rice Dum Biryanis at restaurant or for house parties call Tasneem on 9801282727 or 9801121212